What is this?

I used to write a lot, and I don’t anymore. This is an attempt to fix that.

This is a weekly newsletter that serves as a home for my writing. It will be part public diary, part fiction, part essays on things I’m looking at for work, and whatever else I might be thinking about, which is a usually a mix of tech, policy, and finance things.

A few examples of things I’m curious about—

  • Imagining alternate lives

  • The future of online payments

  • Why Bay Area “starter homes” cost >$1m

  • When and why do we feel insecure?

  • Running for local office

  • How has venture capital changed over the years?

In an effort to embrace the joy of writing badly and publicly, I won’t try to edit myself and will commit to writing weekly.

Past Writing

I previously reported on business, tech, and policy at The Economist. Here’s my full portfolio, but here are some of my favorite pieces—

About Sri

I’m an early-stage investor at Sierra Ventures, focused on enterprise and fintech companies. Prior to joining Sierra, I reported on business and tech at The Economist. Additionally, I researched emerging technologies for the 26th U.S. National Security Advisor and worked at the US Department of State, World Bank, and US Federal Reserve.

I hold both a BA in Economics with Honors in the Arts (Creative Writing) and an MS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University, where I spent a year as an entrepreneur.

Outside of work, I serve as an associate member for my county's local political party. I also run The Loop Network, an entrepreneurship community for female founders. 

I’m a Bay Area native and enjoy writing, dancing, and binging on thrillers. 

As you can tell, my background spans across different things. My writing will too. Sign up to get weekly-ish updates, and find me on Twitter.

*All of my thoughts and opinions are my own and don’t reflect the views of my employer. None of my writing should be misconstrued as financial advice.