Money shapes everything around us.

It touches business, technology, government, and even the day-to-day decisions we make in our personal lives. Income inequality is rising, valuations are skyrocketing, and millions flow into political lobbying campaigns.

Despite these unprecedented levels of financial stress in our world and lives, the financial world has remained relatively stagnant and undisrupted.

The thing is that the financial and economic world is confusing. There is too much jargon and acronyms, too many rules and regulations, and too little education on how and why we got here. That’s where Moolah comes in.

What is Moolah?

Moolah is a bi-weekly deepdive into the financial, business, and economic world around us. It will provide the historical context to different industries, explore the current players making change now, and identify opportunities for improvement.

A few examples of the questions and topics I’m curious about—

  • What do we do about the student loan market? How did we even get here, and can technology improve things?

  • What does the future of e-commerce look like?

  • How has venture capital changed over the decades?

About Sri Muppidi

I’m currently an investor at Sierra Ventures, where I invest in early-stage companies across fintech, healthcare, and developer tools. Previously, I reported on business and tech at The Economist, worked at the World Bank and US Federal Reserve, and studied economics and management science & engineering at Stanford University. I’m a Bay Area native.

*All of my thoughts and opinions are my own and don’t reflect the views of my employer. None of my writing should be misconstrued as financial advice.